Cisco SCE1010-2XGBE-MM Service Control Engine Dual PWR-SCE-DC PSU

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Up for sale is a Cisco SCE1010-2XGBE-MM. This unit is tested and in perfect working condition! Please message with any questions.

This auction includes the following:


Console Cable

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

SCE1000#show ver System version: Version 3.0.5 Build 178 Build time: Nov 7 2006, 19:03:11 (Change-list 138189) Software version is: Version 3.0.5 Build 178 Hardware information is: rx : 0x0079 dp : 0x1a02 tx : 0x1712 ff : 0x0077 cls : 0x1a04 cpld : 0x0025 lic : 0x0202 lic-drv : 0x02020000 lic-prm : 0x02020000 rev : G001 Bootrom : 2.1.0 L2 cache : Samsung 0.5 lic type : 4GBE_AS_2 optic mode : MM Product S/N : CAT10031Z8R Product ID : Version ID : Deviation : Part number: 800-26618-03 Revision: A0 Software revision: G001 LineCard S/N : CAT10051Q02 Power Supply type: DC SML Application information is: Application file: /tffs0/release_.sli Application name: Engage SML Version 3.0.5 for Protocol Pack 07 build 11 Using Lib – PL_3.0.5b25_for_PP07 Using Lib – Classifier_3.0.5b4 Application help: Entry point of Engage Original source file: H:workAppSMLEngagev3.0.xdevsrccompcubeapptemplatemaintemplate_app_main.san Compilation date: Wed, January 03, 2007 at 15:23:38 Compiler version: SANc v3.05 Build 13 gcc_codelets=true built on: Tue 11/19/2006 04:59:11.;SME plugin v1.1 Capacity option used: ‘EngageDefaultSCE1000_2U’. Logger status: Enabled Platform: SCE1000 – 2xGBE Management agent interface version: SCE Agent 3.0.5 Build 30 Software package file: ftp://ftpserver/pub/SCOS/SCE1000_V0305_B0178.pkg SCE1000 uptime is 17 minutes, 31 seconds SCE1000#show inventory NAME: ‘Chassis’, DESCR: ‘SCE System with no PID’ PID: , VID: , SN: CAT10031Z8R SCE1000#show system ? operation-status Display the Operation Status of the system SCE1000#show system operation-status System Operation status is Operational Port status is: Link on port #1 is down Link on port #2 is down Link on the management port 0 is down

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Cisco SCE1010-2XGBE-MM Service Control Engine Dual PWR-SCE-DC PSU

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