When it comes to your router, you want best-in-class performance. Cisco may dominate the routing and switching market, but there are many more brands that offer high-performance analytics, user-friendly automation and ample security at a lower price.

After making a purchase, you may be reaping the benefits of your router investment through short installation time, low installation costs, long-lasting warranties, excellent access times or easy troubleshooting, but how can you compare benefits and fully understand what you’re investing in?

If you’re looking for a robust router that’s fast, secure and allows scalability of your network, discover alternative routers to Cisco that save you money and exceed your technological standards while knowing the ins and outs of your investment with help from Dedicated Networks.

Same Great Services With a Wide Array of Benefits

Before purchasing a router, you have some research to do. Depending on your personal or company needs, current hardware and budget, finding the right router for your business or home can prove to be a difficult task. Whether you’re looking for a router that excels in IoT, cloud-based technology, security, collaboration, coverage or more, browse alternatives that offer the same great services as Cisco, at a reasonable price.

Cisco vs. Arista Router Comparison

Constantly expanding, Arista is a master of both public and private cloud computing systems. If you’re someone who needs a lot of storage space, Arista offers cognitive cloud networking for storing and collaborating. At the current market pricing, the cost per port for Arista is considerably less than other manufacturers. With 20 million cloud networking ports internationally and an extensive operating system (EOS), Arista supplies coverage that’s incomparable to many other computer networking companies.

Cisco vs. Juniper Router Comparison

If you’re looking for an alternative to a Cisco router, Juniper supplies a variety of products from software-defined networking solutions and application management to switching and routing. Renowned for its automation-friendly network, Juniper’s Contrail is a network solution that utilizes virtualization on a turnkey cloud management platform, making it easy to log on and manage applications. Their network provides an open architecture that allows users to build admin and management extensions, along with customizable value for your specific needs.

Juniper provides automation-friendly networks to companies worldwide. As an American networking technology company, they provide top-shelf data and network security. Juniper has helped cable and telecommunications providers offer innovative systems and software solutions. Consider buying used Juniper equipment to replace your old Cisco router.

Cisco vs. Extreme Networks Router Comparison

When it comes to the quality of your technical support, Extreme Networks proves themselves as a strategic partner with a wide range of networking options. Compared with Cisco, their customer service is more personalized and feels less like an interaction with a data center. Along with the ease of deployment and pricing flexibility, Extreme Networks offers solutions for a more diverse clientele base than Cisco.

Cisco vs. Riverbed Router Comparison

Specialized in software-defined wide-area networking (WAN), Riverbed prides itself on increasing business’s ROI. Their hands-on approach includes implementation guidance and assistance that is more all-inclusive than Cisco services. Maximize your IT investments with a router that improves performance with a holistic approach to WAN, application use and network performance management.

Cisco vs. Aruba Router Comparison

Connect multiple computer networks with world-class local area network (LAN) technology from Aruba Networks. Recognized for their Internet of Things (IoT) networking, Aruba Networks brings whole systems of software together while guaranteeing secure solutions and exceptional connectivity.

Why Turn to an Alternative to Cisco Routers?

Cisco is a dominating name throughout all vendors when it comes to both the amount of worldwide shipping and revenue. Throughout the router industry, many users buy Cisco equipment solely for the name, reputation and skilled individuals who work with the equipment.

Although a lot of Cisco’s router capabilities are the same as other brand names, such as Juniper and Extreme Networks, Cisco’s technological lead in the 1990s and 2000s put them in a beneficial position and allowed them to expand their impact. Along with the certifications they equip IT professionals with, their advanced features and dedicated support have changed the idea of IT infrastructures and ecosystems across the globe.

If you don’t need all of the benefits that Cisco equipment utilizes, you may consider alternatives to Cisco routers. Some series of equipment could cost less but even deliver more performance due to market fluctuations and the competition with Cisco’s brand name. Depending on the needs of your IT infrastructure, finding the right router solution may require considering what amenities and benefits you think are necessary for your organization.

What Is the Best Cisco Router for Small Business?

If you are a small business and aren’t planning on switching providers anytime soon, Cisco has routers and switches that are designed to maximize resiliency and even have a small business product selector that allows you to find the perfect solution for your organization. On the cheaper side, Cisco’s RV100 Series is designed for small businesses and offers flexible solutions, high performance and ample security. If you’re willing to spend more, the Cisco RV340 Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router comes with enhanced security that targets online threats with firewall protection.

What Is the Best Cisco Router?

Ranked at #1 by Cisco customer reviews, the Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Service Routers comes with the best routing, hosting, security and switching capabilities. Built to integrate all assets into one trustworthy platform, the Cisco 4000 Integrated Service Router can account for a large network of users while sustaining its performance with digital transformation and cloud applications. Although the Cisco 4000 series is ideal for network resilience, you can always turn to an alternative or used router to get similar performance.

Is it Safe to Buy a Used Router?

It depends on the used IT equipment supplier. At Dedicated Networks, all of our used routers and networking equipment are thoroughly inspected and refurbished, so we can ensure the user won’t be spending more money on repairs. If for some reason your equipment purchased fails within the first year, our RMA process is simple. We will take care of any concerns you may have or repairs you may need. If you buy from an IT equipment supplier that sells used equipment that is not inspected and refurbished, you may be spending less upfront but you will be spending more in the long-run based on breakdowns and product longevity.

Find the Best Cisco Router Alternatives With Options From Dedicated Networks, Inc.

When comparing alternatives to Cisco routers, it’s easy to notice that each IT company has its own individual strengths. No matter what you’re looking for, don’t get caught up in the brand names or just one product that’s taken the market by storm. The beauty of networking technology is that all companies offer their own robust services that you can cater to your needs.

Dedicated Networks, Inc. supplies routers from brands throughout the industry. As a distributor of refurbished networking hardware, we have a massive inventory of IT technology that’s sold at affordable prices. Contact a representative today with any questions or product inquiries.

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