Every time networking hardware is installed, a choice is made between a managed vs. unmanaged switch. Switches are an essential part of computer hardware that connects a number of devices together on a Local Area Network (LAN) through the use of an ethernet cable.

Depending on the household, company or facility, each network has its own list of requirements and services that are ideal for their network. Determining if a managed or unmanaged switch is right for your network requires research. Let Dedicated Networks, Inc. help you with the decision-making process.

What Is the Difference Between a Managed and Unmanaged Switch?

Managed switches and ethernet cables allow the engineer or administrator more control over the network but require a high level of skill and expertise of the system. Because you have the ability to adjust each port on a managed switch, you can configure your network in many ways.

With unmanaged switches, the programming of the network is more basic. The administrator does not need an elaborate understanding of the system and all of the devices on the network belong to the identical broadcast domain.

When considering the differences between a managed and unmanaged switch, it is important to consider the LAN. When using a managed switch, you have full control over the LAN and can allow access or deny access to certain devices. Whereas with unmanaged switches, there is a specific domain that all devices belong to and the number of devices that can be connected to the LAN can be limited.

Managed Switch or Unmanaged Switch For Home Use

Unless you have significant experience in network management, computer diagnostics and data prioritization, an unmanaged switch may offer a better user experience in your home. Managed switches are designed to communicate among multiple networks, which can be hard to manage. Additionally, with unmanaged switches, unauthorized devices can’t join your network in order to avoid any kind of threat, which can be unrealistic for home use.

Managed or Unmanaged Switch For Office Use

There are many benefits to using a managed switch for your office. If you have an IT professional on staff, they can manage your network for you. Depending on their experience, your company can gain access to many controls within your network, including protocols and the LAN and VLAN. Plus, unauthorized devices can’t join your network, eliminating many potential threats. Ideally, if you have the capability to manage your network, a managed switch is great for office use.

Find What You Need With Products From Dedicated Networks, Inc.

Whether you’re looking for a switch for your office or home use, managed or unmanaged, Dedicated Networks, Inc. offers affordable refurbished networking hardware. With an inventory of over 200,000 products that come guaranteed with a 1-year warranty, Dedicated Networks, Inc. is the one-stop solution for your tech needs.

At Dedicated Networks, Inc., we have spent years helping our customers find technological solutions that meet their needs. If you’re still unsure of what switch you need, browse our inventory for more information.

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