Dedicated Networks, a leading provider of refurbished networking equipment, is excited to announce its upcoming move to a new, state-of-the-art facility at 8801 95th Ave N., Suite 100; Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55445. The relocation to a 94,000-square-foot building, double the size of our current location, is a significant milestone in our company’s growth and commitment to serving our valued customers.

One of the primary benefits of this relocation is the opportunity to bring all our employees under one roof. CEO David Wicker underscored the importance of this move, stating,

“Two years ago, we recognized that we would inevitably outgrow our current facility. Having our entire team in one location will create a collaborative working environment that improves communication, streamlines decision-making processes, facilitates knowledge sharing, and enables us to leverage our collective expertise to drive continuous improvements throughout our operations; thereby helping us to better serve our customers.

The new building has been meticulously designed to meet our evolving business requirements. It boasts cutting-edge technology, a layout optimized for operational efficiency and collaboration, and allows for future expansion. This investment reflects our commitment to remaining at the forefront of our industry and serving as a reliable partner to our customers and vendors.”

Dedicated Network’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and continuously improving our operations remains unwavering. This relocation marks an exciting chapter in our nearly 20-year journey, and we look forward to leveraging the enhanced capabilities of our new facility to better serve our customers and drive innovation within our industry.

The official relocation is effective Monday, August 28, 2023. We have been and will continue to work diligently to minimize any disruptions to our operations and ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of services.

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