In a previous article published in 2021, we discussed the benefits of purchasing used networking equipment in our article “Benefits of Purchasing Used Networking Equipment”. While some of the themes remain the same, we believe it is valuable to revisit this topic and further explore its advantages.

As you know, maintaining a reliable and efficient network is crucial for any business. So why not explore a cost-effective solution? Buying refurbished networking gear offers a phenomenal way to achieve both goals. By opting for refurbished gear, you not only save money but also contribute to the circular economy by reducing e-waste!

While the allure of purchasing brand-new equipment is understandable, it often comes with unnecessary costs. So if you are currently considering networking equipment options, let’s delve into the numerous benefits of buying refurbished gear and why it can be a smart choice for your business.

1. Cost Savings

Finances play a crucial role in the decisions your business makes. Likewise, the equipment you rely upon to strengthen your network holds significant importance. One of the key advantages of purchasing refurbished networking equipment is the substantial cost savings it offers compared to buying new gear. When comparing the same models, refurbished gear is always cheaper. When you’re stuck between deciding on the newest model versus the oldest model, its important to know that the older model can be upgraded to nearly replicate the newer models for a fraction of the cost.

These benefits provide businesses with a valuable cost advantage. Sometimes up to 80% off retail price! This enables efficient allocation of your budget, allowing investments in other critical areas of operations. Choosing to buy refurbished can make you the budget hero for your team.

2. Product Availability

When your current equipment unexpectedly fails and you’re in need of a quick fix, new equipment may not always be readily available! However, refurbished gear is often readily available for immediate purchase. Unlike new equipment that may require lead times for manufacturing and delivery, refurbished items are already in stock and can be same day shipped from our warehouse. This swift availability can be the difference when you have urgent networking requirements or need to promptly replace a faulty component. Even if it is just as simple as a fan or a power supply unit for your switch, we have countless replacements in stock and are ready to save your network. When you’re looking to buy new equipment, supply chains can become backlogged, forcing you to wait indefinitely for your equipment to arrive. There is no need to wait when you choose refurbished equipment.

3. Sustainable Purchasing

The amount of electronic waste produced by outdated tech continues to increase each year. According to, a notable sustainability organization, there is over 347 (Million Metric Tonnes) of e-waste on Earth in 2023. Purchasing refurbished networking equipment plays a vital role in combating this issue by promoting environmental sustainability and reducing e-waste. By giving previously used networking equipment a second life, you actively contribute to minimizing the demand for new manufacturing. This, in turn, conserves valuable resources and reduces the carbon footprint associated with production and disposal.

Whether you buy from us or sell us your retired IT assets, our comprehensive refurbishment process ensures our customers are responsibly managing their IT asset lifecycle to its fullest, enabling them to proudly boast that they practice responsible resourcing and disposition, as well as sustainable resource management. Opting for refurbished gear is a socially responsible choice that aligns with the principles of the circular economy.

While you digest the first 3 reasons to buy refurbished, let’s see what one of our market experts has to say on the topic!

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“Buying refurbished gear is a lot like finding a new mechanic, most people just pay more and take it to the dealership, and if you do find a good 3rd party to work on your vehicle, you stay with them forever. Most people don’t want to buy refurbished equipment because of a bad experience, or a fear of a bad experience, but the benefits outweigh the cost of that. New gear fails too, it’s just that you need to find a reputable firm to work with that fully supports it’s customers.”
Ben Riley – Dedicated Networks Market Development Manager

A blue bar used to sandwich a quote about the benefits of buying refurbished gear

4. Product Guarantee’s

A common misconception buyers have about refurbished equipment is that it won’t perform as well as a brand new piece of equipment. However, refurbished networking equipment undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process, including thorough testing, repair, and restoration to ensure proper working condition. Reputable refurbishing companies, like ourselves, meticulously ensure that the equipment meets or exceeds original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. As a result, you can confidently expect reliable performance comparable to that of new equipment!

Refurbishing companies also commonly offer warranties and support for their refurbished networking equipment. You can often find options for extended warranties and technical support services, providing a level of assurance similar to what you would expect from new equipment purchases. At Dedicated Networks, we take pride in our thorough testing and refurbishment process. and we stand behind our products. We offer a 1-year guarantee to ensure your peace of mind and protection against any potential issues that may arise. If you are not satisfied with the pre-owned networking equipment you receive from us, we are committed to making it right and providing the necessary support.


5. Opportunity Cost

Buying refurbished networking gear presents an attractive opportunity for businesses, as it allows them to save costs and allocate resources more efficiently. However, the decision to purchase refurbished equipment entails an opportunity cost. By opting for refurbished networking equipment, businesses can free up a significant portion of their budget that would have otherwise been allocated towards purchasing brand-new equipment. This opportunity cost then opens up avenues for businesses to invest those savings in other areas, such as hiring additional personnel. By redirecting funds from expensive networking equipment to human resources, businesses can expand their workforce, increasing their capacity to handle projects, improve customer service, or explore new business opportunities. This flexibility in resource allocation demonstrates the potential of refurbished networking equipment to enable businesses to leverage their savings and strategically invest in their human capital for long-term growth and success.

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Undoubtedly, the advantages of buying refurbished networking equipment extend well beyond the five reasons mentioned earlier. Whether you urgently need a replacement part, are seeking a more elusive piece of equipment, looking to expand your business AND save money, or simply wish to support a family-owned business, opting for refurbished equipment is an excellent choice.

Investing in refurbished gear not only provides an opportunity to save money in your budget but also safeguards the integrity of your network. At Dedicated Networks, we meticulously refurbish our equipment, ensuring it is practically indistinguishable from brand new items. Moreover, our 1-year guarantee further reinforces the ease of choosing refurbished equipment.

If you find yourself in the market for networking gear, make the decision to go refurbished and become the hero for both your network and budget. By doing so, you actively contribute to the reduction of e-waste, making a positive impact on the environment. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and choose refurbished equipment with confidence!

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