New Open Box Juniper PE-12FE-TX 12-Port PIC FE Module 12 x 10/100Base TX

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For sale is a Juniper PE-12FE-TX.


1x PE-12FE-TX
Original Box and contents
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These items are in New Open Box condition.

These items have been fully tested by our professional tech team. Test notes are below; let us know if you are looking for any information not shown.

*System Software/module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Tested Good root> show chassis hardware detail Hardware inventory: Item Version Part number Serial number Description Chassis J7167 M7I Midplane REV 06 710-008761 AAAS6042 M7i Midplane Power Supply 0 Rev 06 740-008537 6018623 AC Power Supply Power Supply 1 Rev 06 740-008537 6018280 AC Power Supply Routing Engine REV 04 740-039441 9009107254 RE-B-1800×1 ad0 3998 MB Virtium – TuffDrive VCF P1T0200267700419 214 Compact Flash ad1 61057 MB UGB94BPH64H0S1-KCI 11000013128 Disk 1 usb0 (addr 1) EHCI root hub 0 Intel uhub0 usb0 (addr 2) product 0x0020 32 vendor 0x8087 uhub1 DIMM 2 VL31B5263F-F8SD DIE REV-0 PCB REV-0 MFR ID-ce80 CFEB REV 14 750-025470 EE1648 Enhanced CFEB FPC 0 E-FPC PIC 0 REV 05 750-004176 HP0848 12x FE, 100 BASE-TX FPC 1 E-FPC PIC 2 REV 02 750-028121 BBAG0049 MultiServices 100 PIC 3 REV 09 750-009099 AAAZ2665 1x G/E, 1000 BASE Fan Tray Rear Fan Tray root> show interfaces terse Interface Admin Link Proto Local Remote fe-0/0/0 up down pfh-0/0/0 up up pfh-0/0/0.16383 up up inet fe-0/0/1 up down fe-0/0/2 up down fe-0/0/3 up down fe-0/0/4 up down fe-0/0/5 up down fe-0/0/6 up down fe-0/0/7 up down fe-0/0/8 up down fe-0/0/9 up down fe-0/0/10 up down fe-0/0/11 up down gr-1/2/0 up up ip-1/2/0 up up lt-1/2/0 up up mt-1/2/0 up up pd-1/2/0 up up pe-1/2/0 up up sp-1/2/0 up up sp-1/2/0.16383 up up inet vt-1/2/0 up up ge-1/3/0 up down dsc up up em0 up up em0.0 up up inet inet6 fe80::200:ff:fe00:4/64 fec0::a:0:0:4/64 tnp 0x4 fxp0 up down gre up up ipip up up lo0 up up lo0.0 up up inet –> 0/0 lo0.16384 up up inet –> 0/0 lo0.16385 up up inet lsi up up mtun up up pimd up up pime up up tap up up

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New Open Box Juniper PE-12FE-TX 12-Port PIC FE Module 12 x 10/100Base TX

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