Cisco UBR10-MC5X20H-D uBR10K High-Performance Card 5DS UPX 20US Spec An


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For sale is a Cisco UBR10-MC5X20H-D.
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Cisco UBR10-MC5X20H-D


These items are in Good condition. Items may have scratches, if you need mint condition let us know and we will see if we have a unit that meets your needs.

These items have been fully tested by our professional tech team. Test notes are below; let us know if you are looking for any information not shown.

*System Software/module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Router#show diag 6/1 Slot/Subslot 6/1: 5cable-mc520h-d card, 5 ports Card is half slot size Card is analyzed Card detected 00:20:13 ago Card uptime 0 days, 0 hours, 18 minutes, 45 seconds Card idle time N/A Voltage status: 5V Nominal 3.3V Nominal 2.5V Nominal EEPROM contents, slot 6/1: Controller Type : 1159 Hardware Revision : 5.0 Top Assy. Part Number : 800-25212-10 Board Revision : A0 Product Identifier (PID) : UBR10-MC5X20H-D CLEI Code : IPUCAP0BAA Deviation Number : 0 Fab Version : 05 PCB Serial Number : CAT1250E16H RMA Test History : 00 RMA Number : 0-0-0-0 RMA History : 00 Version Identifier (VID) : V06 LCMON version, slot 6/1 IOS ™ 7200 Software (UBR10KCLC-LC-M), Experimental Version 12.3(20060207:230254) [jinboli-after_520h 103] Compiled Thu 09-Feb-06 11:59 by jinboli Reset due to: power-on Operational Image version, slot 6/1 Cisco IOS Software, 10000 Software (UBR10KCLC-LCK8-M), Version 12.2(33)SCG6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Compiled Thu 31-Oct-13 16:01 by prod_rel_team SW Version 1.0 Code MD5 D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E FPGA MD5 00000000000000000000000000000000 Expected Switchover Action: NO INFORMATION Router#show inv NAME: “Chassis”, DESCR: “uBR10000 chassis” PID: UBR10012 , VID: V01 , SN: SPE113000AT NAME: “RP A”, DESCR: “Performance Routing Engine” PID: ESR-PRE4 , VID: V06 , SN: CAT1642F02Q NAME: “RP A Internal Bootflash”, DESCR: “Bootflash” PID: ESR-PRE-CF-128MB , VID: , SN: NAME: “RP A flash card 0”, DESCR: “Flash Card” PID: ESR-PRE-CF-1GB , VID: , SN: NAME: “module 1/1”, DESCR: “2 port DTI UC” PID: UBR10-DTCC , VID: 2.0, SN: CAT1644E1JG NAME: “module 5/0”, DESCR: “MC20X20 I-CMTS 20DSX20US CLC” PID: UBR-MC20X20V , VID: V02 , SN: CAT1422E0A1 NAME: “module 5/1”, DESCR: “MC520U_D_connector” PID: UBR10-MC5X20U-D , VID: V02 , SN: CAT112957FA NAME: “module 6/0”, DESCR: “MC520H_D_connector” PID: UBR10-MC5X20H-D , VID: V04 , SN: CAT1224E0M2 NAME: “module 6/1”, DESCR: “MC520H_D_connector” PID: UBR10-MC5X20H-D , VID: V06 , SN: CAT1250E16H NAME: “power-supply 0”, DESCR: “DC Power Entry Module for UBR10012” PID: UBR10-PWR-DC , VID: , SN: NAME: “fan-tray”, DESCR: “BLOWER ASSEMBLY FOR UBR10012” PID: UBR10-FAN-ASSY , VID: , SN:

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Cisco UBR10-MC5X20H-D uBR10K High-Performance Card 5DS UPX 20US Spec An

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