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For sale is a Cisco N2K-B22HP-P.


1x N2K-B22HP-P


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switch# show fex 101

FEX: 101 Description: FEX0101   state: Online

FEX version: 7.3(0)N1(1) [Switch version: 7.3(0)N1(1)]

Extender Serial: FOC1727R1GX

Extender Model: N2K-B22HP-P,  Part No: 73-13780-05

Bay: 1

Rack: KylesHugeRack

Enclosure: OA-0026551CFDCD

Enclosure Serial: USE952WAFA

Rack Id: Default RUID

Pinning-mode: static    Max-links: 1

Fabric port for control traffic: Eth1/1

FCoE Admin: false

FCoE Oper: true

FCoE FEX AA Configured: false

Fabric interface state:

Po101 – Interface Up. State: Active

Eth1/1 – Interface Up. State: Active

Eth1/2 – Interface Down. State: Configured

Eth1/3 – Interface Down. State: Configured

Eth1/4 – Interface Down. State: Configured

switch# show ver fex 101


Bootloader version:           0.2

System boot mode:             primary

System image version:         7.3(0)N1(1) [build 7.3(0)N1(1)]



Module:                       Fabric Extender 16x10GE + 8x10G Module

CPU:                          Motorola, e300c4

Serial number:                FOC1728175E

Bootflash:                    locked


Kernel uptime is 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 5 minutes(s), 41 second(s)


Last reset at Sat Aug 17 15:18:24 2013

Reason: Kernel Reboot

Service: Reload new image

switch# show diagn res fex 101

FEX-101: Fabric Extender 16x10GE + 8x10G Module  SerialNo   : FOC1727R1GX

Overall Diagnostic Result for FEX-101  : OK


Test results: (. = Pass, F = Fail, U = Untested)


0)              SPROM: —————> .

1)   Inband interface: —————> .

2)                Fan: —————> U

3)       Power Supply: —————> U

4) Temperature Sensor: —————> .

Eth    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Port ————————-

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


Eth    9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Port ————————

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .



Fabric 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Port ————————-

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

switch# show env fex 101



Temperature Fex 101:


Module   Sensor     MajorThresh   MinorThres   CurTemp     Status

(Celsius)     (Celsius)    (Celsius)


1        Outlet-1   85            75           40          ok

1        Outlet-2   85            75           43          ok

1        Inlet-1    85            75           31          ok

1        Inlet-2    85            75           28          ok

1        Die-1      110           105          51          ok

switch# show inv fex  101


PID: N2K-B22HP-P       , VID: V01 , SN: FOC1727R1GX


NAME: “FEX 101 Module 1”, DESCR: “Fabric Extender Module: 16x10GE, 8x10GE Supervisor”

PID: N2K-B22HP-P       , VID: V01 , SN: FOC1728175E


OA-0026551CFDCD> show interconnect info 1


  1. Ethernet

Product Name: Cisco Fabric Extender for HP BladeSystem

Width: Single

URL to Management interface:

In-Band IPv4 Address:

User Assigned Name: fex-101

Part Number: 641146-B21

Spare Part Number: 708078-001

Serial Number: FOC1727R1GX

Temperature Sensor: Present

JS2 Connector: Absent

Internal Ethernet Interface to OA: Absent

Internal Ethernet Route to OA: Enabled

Internal Serial Interface to OA: Absent

Internal Serial Route to OA: Enabled

External Serial Port Interface: Absent

External Ethernet Interface: Absent

Manufacturer: HP



OA-0026551CFDCD> show interconnect status 1


Interconnect Module #1 Status:

Status : OK

Thermal: OK

CPU Fault: OK

Health LED: OK

UID: Off

Powered: On

Diagnostic Status:

Internal Data        OK

Management Processor OK

Thermal Warning      OK

Thermal Danger       OK

Power                OK

Device Failure       OK

Device Degraded      OK



OA-0026551CFDCD> show interconnect list


Bay Interconnect Type     Manufacturer      Power   Health   UID  Management IP

— —————– ——————– ——- ——— — —————

1 Ethernet          HP                   On      OK        Off

2 Ethernet          HP                   On      OK        Off

3 Ethernet          HP                   On      OK        Off

4 Ethernet          HP                   On      OK        Off

5 Ethernet          HP                   On      OK        Off

6 Ethernet          HP                   On      OK        Off

7 [Absent]

8 [Absent]

Totals: 6 interconnect modules installed, 6 powered on.

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Cisco N2K-B22HP-P Nexus COUCAPKCAA 641148-001 HP BladeSystem c3000 c7000 Fabric

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