HPE(Aruba) represents the switching and wireless space with best in class solutions for Campus, Data Center and Access switches. Consistently positioned in the top of class in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, they provide quality, flexibility and ease of use when it comes to access points and network switches. HPE(Aruba) devices are cutting edge – supporting cloud native OS solutions, modularity and the newest in Wi-Fi technology. HP aims to improve efficiency and throughput without sacrificing security and has hardware to suit a wide range of environments and technical situations.

Aruba’s CX Series provides excellent Data Center solutions with a wide range of standalone network switches in the CX8300 or CX6300 Series or modular solutions like the CX8400 and CX6400 series. Aruba has excellent layer 3 switches solutions like the 2930M Series or great layer 3 aggregation switches in the 5400R Series. With a variety of solutions, HPE Aruba provides a great range of products for any Data Center or Enterprise need.

In the Access Point space, HPE/Aruba consistently provides innovative solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. From entry level Wifi-5 solutions like the 310 series to the latest and greatest Wifi-6 630 series, HPE/Aruba access points provide support for any purpose. For ease of use, HPE/Aruba also provides instant access points for quick setup with a low barrier to entry.

Dedicated Networks offers a large selection of refurbished HP products including access points and network switches. If you’re interested in seeing what we have in stock, check out our online store. Additionally, if the product your looking for is out of stock, we created a “notify me” feature so you can request being notified once we have the product in our inventory.

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