Juniper Netscreen NS-5000-MGT Management Module JPD


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For sale is a Juniper NS-5000-MGT.


1x NS-5000-MGT


These items are in Good condition. Items may have scratches, if you need mint condition let us know and we will see if we have a unit that meets your needs.

These items have been fully tested by our professional tech team. Test notes are below; let us know if you are looking for any information not shown.

*System Software/module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Passed loop test ns5200-> get lic vsys_key : a4b580a59efc5019 Model: Advanced Sessions: 1000064 sessions Capacity: unlimited number of users NSRP: ActiveActive VPN tunnels: 25000 tunnels Vsys: 25 virtual systems Vrouters: 28 virtual routers Zones: 73 zones VLANs: 4000 vlans Drp: Enable Deep Inspection: Enable Deep Inspection Database Expire Date: Disable Signature pack: Signature update key is missing IDP: Disable AV: Disable(0) Anti-Spam: Disable(0) Url Filtering: Disable Update server url: ns5200-> get chassis Chassis Environment: Power Supply: Good Fan Status: Good Battery Status: Good CPU Temperature: 105’F (41’C) Slot Information: Slot Type S/N Assembly-No Temperature DRAM Size 1 Management 0039112004000073 0024-005 98’F (37’C) 1024MB 2 Processing-24FE 0054112004000010 0039-002 93’F (34’C) 512MB Alarm Control Information: Power failure audible alarm: disabled Fan failure audible alarm: disabled Low battery audible alarm: disabled Temperature audible alarm: disabled Normal alarm temperature is 132’F (56’C) Severe alarm temperature is 150’F (66’C)

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Juniper Netscreen NS-5000-MGT Management Module JPD

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