HP JC577A S6100N 8Gbps Intrusion Prevention System IPS Security Appliance


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For sale is a HP JC577A.


2x AC Power supply
Power cord


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*System Software/module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Passed myhostname# show license License: (Transitional) Feature Status Permit Expiration Details ——- —— —— ———- ——- License OK Allow 8/26/2017 Using the transitional lic ense. Update TOS OK Allow 8/26/2017 Update DV OK Allow 8/26/2017 Auxiliary DV Info Deny Never Not licensed to use this f eature. ReputationDV Info Deny Never Not licensed to use this f eature. myhostname# show version Serial: 6100N-50R2-701M Software: Build Date: “Mar 23 2011, 21:03:54” Production Digital Vaccine: ReputationDV: N/A Model: 6100N Host Board: Z1 Rev: A System Boot Time: 2017-02-28 17:03:06 GMT Uptime is 6 minutes, 10 seconds myhostname# show mfg-info External CF model : External CF serial # : Internal CF model : SMART CF Internal CF serial # : SPG2012011000554 Golden bootloader img: 48 Bootloader img : 48 Loaded bootloader img: 48 ZPHA firmware version: Not detected ZFCP version : 4 Zuma FPGA version : Sleuth FPGA version : Hotswap FPGA version : 44 Certificate Number : 6100N-50R2-701M Mgmt MAC address : 78:ac:c0:f0:ff:68 Board Version : 5 Descriptor Version : 2 H/W Serial Number : PR27F0L01M Part number : JC577A Chassis Version : A3 MAC Address base : 78:ac:c0:f0:ff:68 Number of MACs : 23 myhostname# show compact-flash Compact flash is not present Operation mode:auto-mount myhostname# show health Voltages : Channel Voltage (mV) Health ————— ————— ——– P12V 12326 Normal P5V 4931 Normal P3_3V 3363 Normal VCC5_STBY 5105 Normal VCC3P3_STBY 3308 Normal P2_5V 2568 Normal P1_8V 1826 Normal P1_5V 1520 Normal P1_25V 1257 Normal VCCPA 1243 Normal VCCPB 1211 Normal VCC_CORE 1101 Normal P1_2V 1198 Normal P0_9V 910 Normal P0_75V 759 Normal Fan Tachometers: Channel Tach (rpm) Health ————— ————— ——– Fan #1 6271 Normal Fan #2 6286 Normal Fan #3 5986 Normal Fan #4 6040 Normal I2C Bus: Channel Timeouts Health ——————– ———- ——– I2C bus #1 0 Normal I2C bus #2 0 Normal Temperature : Current: 30 degrees (C) Health: Normal Memory : Current: 47 percent in use Health: Normal Power Supply : Health: Normal Disk Partitions: Partition Total (Mbytes) Used (Mbytes) % Used Health ———- ————— ————– —— ——– /system 1,367 209 15 Normal /ramLog 30 0 0 Normal /ramTmp 139 0 0 Normal /ramRO 14 11 78 Normal

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HP JC577A S6100N 8Gbps Intrusion Prevention System IPS Security Appliance

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