CISCO7140-2T3 Cisco 7100 Series VPN Router 2 x RJ-45 10/100Base-TX LAN


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Product Information

Up for sale is a CISCO7140-2T3. This unit is tested and in perfect working condition!

This auction includes the following:

Power cord(s)

Console cable

Warranty Terms:

This item comes with a 90 day warranty. If a piece of equipment is defective in any way that is not described, please message us and we will do our best to troubleshoot or replace the defective equipment. If we do not have a replacement piece in stock, we will refund the cost of the equipment.

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Router#sho ver Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS ™ EGR Software (C7100-P-M), Version 12.2(7b), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Copyright (c) 1986-2002 by cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Mon 04-Mar-02 23:02 by pwade Image text-base: 0x600089C0, data-base: 0x6100A000 ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.0(5r)XE2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) BOOTLDR: EGR Software (C7100-BOOT-M), Version 12.0(5)XE5, EARLY DEPLOYMENT RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Router uptime is 13 minutes System returned to ROM by power-on Running default software cisco 7140-2T3 (EGR) processor (revision A) with 122880K/73728K bytes of memory. Processor board ID 15708275 R7000 CPU at 262Mhz, Implementation 39, Rev 1.0, 256KB L2, 2048KB L3 Cache Last reset from power-on X.25 software, Version 3.0.0. 2 FastEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s) 2 Serial network interface(s) 125K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory. 46976K bytes of ATA PCMCIA card at slot 0 (Sector size 512 bytes). 8192K bytes of Flash internal SIMM (Sector size 256K). Configuration register is 0x2102 Router#dir all Directory of system:/ 2 dr-x 0 <no date> memory 1 -rw- 643 <no date> running-config 14 dr-x 0 <no date> vfiles No space information available Directory of nvram:/ 124 -rw- 0 <no date> startup-config 125 —- 0 <no date> private-config 126 -rw- 0 <no date> underlying-config 1 —- 33 <no date> persistent-data 2 -rw- 0 <no date> ifIndex-table 129016 bytes total (126916 bytes free) Directory of bootflash:/ 1 -rw- 2814432 Jan 03 2000 07:00:33 c7100-boot-mz.120-5.XE5 7602176 bytes total (4787616 bytes free) Directory of disk0:/ 1 -rw- 6616120 Apr 01 2002 16:10:06 c7100-p-mz.122-7b.bin 2 -rw- 5527688 Apr 01 2002 17:01:16 c7100-p-mz.121-13.bin 3 -rw- 7775308 May 13 2002 07:28:36 c7100-p-mz.122-8.T1.bin 4 -rw- 13152720 Apr 05 2002 10:06:46 c7100-js-mz.122-8.T.bin 5 -rw- 14422316 Mar 25 2003 19:19:06 c7100-ik9s-mz.122-15.T.bin 47890432 bytes total (376832 bytes free) Directory of lex:/ No files in directory No space information available Router#sho diag Slot 0: 10/100 Fast-ethernet with RJ45 Integrated port adapter, 2 ports Integrated port adapter is analyzed EEPROM contents at hardware discovery: Hardware revision 1.5 Board revision A0 EEPROM format version 1 EEPROM contents (hex): 0x20: 01 D3 01 05 00 EF B0 73 49 0E A4 07 00 00 00 00 0x30: 50 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Slot 1: T3 PA Integrated port adapter, 2 ports Integrated port adapter is analyzed EEPROM contents at hardware discovery: Hardware revision 1.0 Board revision A0 EEPROM format version 1 EEPROM contents (hex): 0x20: 01 53 01 00 01 4B 11 FD 49 09 13 02 00 00 00 00 0x30: 50 00 00 00 00 07 07 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF Router#sho inv ^ % Invalid input detected at ‘^’ marker. Router#sho env all Power Supply: Power supply is redundant power supply. Unit is on. Temperature readings: chassis core measured at 28C/82F chassis inlet measured at 24C/75F chassis outlet 1 measured at 28C/82F chassis outlet 2 measured at 29C/84F Voltage readings: +2.5 V measured at +2.58 V +3.3 V measured at +3.28 V +5.15 V measured at +5.07 V +12.3 V measured at +12.48 V +12.3 V measured at +12.10 V -12.5 V measured at -12.29 V Envm stats saved 2 time(s) since reload Router#sho proc c CPU utilization for five seconds: 0%/0%; one minute: 2%; five minutes: 0% Router#show c7100 Network IO Interrupt Throttling: throttle count=0, timer count=0 active=0, configured=0 netint usec=4000, netint mask usec=200 C7140-2T3 CPU EEPROM: Hardware revision 1.5 Board revision A0 Serial number 15708275 Part number 73-3748-07 Test history 0x0 RMA number 00-00-00 EEPROM format version 1 EEPROM contents (hex): 0x20: 01 D4 01 05 00 EF B0 73 49 0E A4 07 00 00 00 00 0x30: 50 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C7140-2T3 Extension EEPROM: MAC Address block size : 2048 Chassis MAC Address : 0002.4ace.2800 Number of Slots : 1 Product Number : 7140-2T3 Power Supply Type : AC Platform features : 00 80 01 09 00 8E 00 16 00 91 00 05 EEPROM contents (hex): 0x00: 43 08 00 C3 06 00 02 4A CE 28 00 01 01 40 00 05 0x10: CB 12 37 31 34 30 2D 32 54 33 00 00 00 00 00 00 0x20: 00 00 00 00 0B 00 C9 0C 00 80 01 09 00 8E 00 16 0x30: 00 91 00 05 C7 1A 45 53 00 36 00 2F 00 38 00 39 0x40: 00 89 00 74 00 84 00 87 00 7F 00 83 00 00 B9 4D TLB entries (42/48 used): Virt Address range Phy Address range Attributes 0x4B000000:0x4B1FFFFF 0x14B000000:0x14B1FFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Invalid 0x4B200000:0x4B3FFFFF 0x14B200000:0x14B3FFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Invalid 0x10000000:0x10001FFF 0x100000000:0x100001FFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x40000000:0x41FFFFFF 0x040000000:0x041FFFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x44000000:0x45FFFFFF 0x044000000:0x045FFFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x3C000000:0x3C7FFFFF 0x048000000:0x0487FFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x3C800000:0x3CFFFFFF 0x04D000000:0x04D7FFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x3D000000:0x3D7FFFFF 0x048800000:0x048FFFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Invalid 0x3D800000:0x3DFFFFFF 0x04D800000:0x04DFFFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Invalid 0x3E000000:0x3E7FFFFF 0x049000000:0x0497FFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Invalid 0x3E800000:0x3EFFFFFF 0x04E000000:0x04E7FFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Invalid 0x1FC00000:0x1FC7FFFF 0x01FC00000:0x01FC7FFFF CacheMode=2, RO, Valid 0x1E000000:0x1E1FFFFF 0x01E000000:0x01E1FFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x1E800000:0x1E9FFFFF 0x01E800000:0x01E9FFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x60000000:0x607FFFFF 0x000000000:0x0007FFFFF CacheMode=3, RO, Valid 0x60800000:0x60FFFFFF 0x000800000:0x000FFFFFF CacheMode=3, RO, Valid 0x61000000:0x61007FFF 0x001000000:0x001007FFF CacheMode=3, RO, Valid 0x61008000:0x61009FFF 0x001008000:0x001009FFF CacheMode=3, RO, Valid 0x6100A000:0x6100BFFF 0x00100A000:0x00100BFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x6100C000:0x6100DFFF 0x00100C000:0x00100DFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x6100E000:0x6100FFFF 0x00100E000:0x00100FFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61010000:0x61017FFF 0x001010000:0x001017FFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61018000:0x6101FFFF 0x001018000:0x00101FFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61020000:0x6103FFFF 0x001020000:0x00103FFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61040000:0x6105FFFF 0x001040000:0x00105FFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61060000:0x6107FFFF 0x001060000:0x00107FFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61080000:0x610FFFFF 0x001080000:0x0010FFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61100000:0x6117FFFF 0x001100000:0x00117FFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61180000:0x611FFFFF 0x001180000:0x0011FFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61200000:0x613FFFFF 0x001200000:0x0013FFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61400000:0x615FFFFF 0x001400000:0x0015FFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61600000:0x617FFFFF 0x001600000:0x0017FFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x61800000:0x61FFFFFF 0x001800000:0x001FFFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x62000000:0x63FFFFFF 0x002000000:0x003FFFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x64000000:0x65FFFFFF 0x004000000:0x005FFFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x66000000:0x67FFFFFF 0x006000000:0x007FFFFFF CacheMode=3, RW, Valid 0x20000000:0x21FFFFFF 0x020000000:0x021FFFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x22000000:0x23FFFFFF 0x022000000:0x023FFFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x70000000:0x71FFFFFF 0x020000000:0x021FFFFFF CacheMode=0, RW, Valid 0x72000000:0x73FFFFFF 0x022000000:0x023FFFFFF CacheMode=0, RW, Valid 0x07800000:0x07FFFFFF 0x007800000:0x007FFFFFF CacheMode=2, RW, Valid 0x57800000:0x57FFFFFF 0x007800000:0x007FFFFFF CacheMode=0, RW, Valid

Shipping Terms:

If you are an international buyer, please send us a message with your phone number as soon as possible. We need this to put on the commercial invoice for customs.
We can ship internationally but please contact me for the shipping quote if you would like a different service other than USPS. We do prefer FedEx for ALL shipments.

We are not responsible for duties and taxes. Those are to be paid by the recipient.

We will not declare a value under what is paid for the equipment.

Local pick up is available and always free.

Other Information:

Please message us if you have any questions or if you require any information that is not described here. Payment is expected within 5 days of auction close. A power cord and console cable will always be sent with the equipment unless it does not require these.

Our entire inventory is never completely listed on our store. We have equipment coming in all the time. If you need anything that is not in our store, send us a message and we will check on the availability.

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CISCO7140-2T3 Cisco 7100 Series VPN Router 2 x RJ-45 10/100Base-TX LAN

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