Cisco WS-C6503-E Catalyst 6500 Enhanced 3-Slot 4RU CNMJ100BRA 75008075022


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Up for sale is a WS-C6503-E. This unit is tested and in perfect working condition! Missing top fan collar. Scratches on top. No PSU or fan.

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Router#show idprom backplane detail IDPROM for backplane #0 IDPROM image: (FRU is ‘Catalyst 6500 3-slot backplane’) IDPROM image block #0: block-signature = 0xABAB, block-version = 3, block-length = 160, block-checksum = 5191 *** common-block *** IDPROM capacity (bytes) = 512 IDPROM block-count = 2 FRU Major Type = ‘0x6001’ FRU Minor Type = ‘0x3002’ OEM String = ‘Cisco Systems’ Product Number = ‘WS-C6503-E’ Serial Number = ‘FOX083907FQ’ Manufacturing Assembly Number = ’73-9371-03′ Manufacturing Assembly Revision = ‘A0’ Manufacturing Assembly Deviation = ” Hardware Revision = 1.1 Manufacturing bits = 0x0 Engineering bits = 0x0 SNMP OID = Power Consumption = -80 centiamperes RMA failure code = 0-0-0-0 CLEI = CNMJ100BRA VID = V01 *** end of common block *** IDPROM image block #1: block-signature = 0x6001, block-version = 1, block-length = 36, block-checksum = 703 *** backplane specific block *** feature-bits = 0x00000000 00000000 hardware-changes-bits = 0x00000000 00000004 stackmib-oid = 33 mac base = 000B.45A8.8E40 mac_len = 64 OEM Enterprise = 9 OEM MIB Offset = 5 *** end of backplane specific block *** End of IDPROM image Router#show inv NAME: ‘WS-C6503-E’, DESCR: ‘Cisco Systems Catalyst 6500 3-slot Chassis System’ PID: WS-C6503-E , VID: V01, SN: FOX083907FQ NAME: ‘CLK-7600 1’, DESCR: ‘OSR-7600 Clock FRU 1’ PID: CLK-7600 , VID: , SN: NWG083708QS NAME: ‘CLK-7600 2’, DESCR: ‘OSR-7600 Clock FRU 2’ PID: CLK-7600 , VID: , SN: NWG083708QS NAME: ‘1’, DESCR: ‘WS-SUP720-BASE 2 ports Supervisor Engine 720 Rev. 3.5’ PID: WS-SUP720-BASE , VID: , SN: SAL1129USQM NAME: ‘msfc sub-module of 1’, DESCR: ‘WS-SUP720 MSFC3 Daughterboard Rev. 3.0’ PID: WS-SUP720 , VID: V02, SN: SAL1128UKKC NAME: ‘WS-F6K-PFC3A Policy Feature Card 3 sub-module of 1’, DESCR: ‘WS-F6K-PFC3A Policy Feature Card 3 Rev. 2.6’ PID: WS-F6K-PFC3A , VID: , SN: SAL1129USJC NAME: ‘2’, DESCR: ‘WS-X6716-10GE CEF720 16 port 10GE Rev. 1.0’ PID: WS-X6716-10GE , VID: V03, SN: SAL1537PHAM NAME: ‘WS-F6700-DFC3C Distributed Forwarding Card 3 sub-module of 2’, DESCR: ‘WS-F6700-DFC3C Distributed Forwarding Card 3 Rev. 1.4’ PID: WS-F6700-DFC3C , VID: V03, SN: SAL1535NSZL NAME: ‘WS-C6503-E-FAN 1’, DESCR: ‘Enhanced 3-slot Fan Tray 1’ PID: WS-C6503-E-FAN , VID: V02, SN: DCH11510619 NAME: ‘PS 1 PWR-950-AC’, DESCR: ‘AC power supply, 950 watt 1’ PID: PWR-950-AC , VID: , SN: ABC08136041 NAME: ‘PS 2 PWR-950-AC’, DESCR: ‘AC power supply, 950 watt 2’ PID: PWR-950-AC , VID: , SN: ABC08136042 Router#show mod Mod Ports Card Type Model Serial No. — —– ————————————– —————— ———– 1 2 Supervisor Engine 720 (Active) WS-SUP720-BASE SAL1129USQM 2 16 CEF720 16 port 10GE WS-X6716-10GE SAL1537PHAM Mod MAC addresses Hw Fw Sw Status — ———————————- —— ———— ———— ——- 1 0016.4708.4d3c to 0016.4708.4d3f 3.5 8.4(2) 12.2(33)SXI1 Ok 2 0007.7d38.5e48 to 0007.7d38.5e57 1.0 12.2(18r)S1 12.2(33)SXI1 Ok Mod Sub-Module Model Serial Hw Status —- ————————— —————— ———– ——- ——- 1 Policy Feature Card 3 WS-F6K-PFC3A SAL1129USJC 2.6 Ok 1 MSFC3 Daughterboard WS-SUP720 SAL1128UKKC 3.0 Ok 2 Distributed Forwarding Card WS-F6700-DFC3C SAL1535NSZL 1.4 Ok Mod Online Diag Status —- ——————- 1 Pass 2 Pass Router#show env environmental alarms: no alarms backplane: operating clock count: 2 fan-tray 1: fan-tray 1 type: WS-C6503-E-FAN fan-tray 1 mode: High-power fan-tray 1 fan-fail: OK VTT 1: VTT 1: not available VTT 2: VTT 2: not available VTT 3: VTT 3: not available clock 1: clock 1 OK: OK, clock 1 clock-inuse: in-use clock 2: clock 2 OK: OK, clock 2 clock-inuse: not-in-use power-supply 1: power-supply 1 fan-fail: OK power-supply 1 power-input: AC low power-supply 1 power-output-fail: OK power-supply 2: power-supply 2 fan-fail: OK power-supply 2 power-input: AC low power-supply 2 power-output-fail: OK module 1: module 1 power-output-fail: OK module 1 outlet temperature: 29C module 1 inlet temperature: 24C module 1 device-1 temperature: 31C module 1 device-2 temperature: 32C module 1 asic-1 temperature: 25C module 1 asic-2 temperature: 25C module 1 asic-3 temperature: 25C module 1 asic-4 temperature: 25C module 1 asic-5 temperature: 24C module 1 asic-6 temperature: 24C module 1 RP outlet temperature: 28C module 1 RP inlet temperature: 27C module 1 EARL outlet temperature: 33C module 1 EARL inlet temperature: 24C module 2: module 2 power-output-fail: OK module 2 outlet temperature: 38C module 2 inlet temperature: 29C module 2 asic-1 temperature: 58C module 2 asic-2 temperature: 55C module 2 EARL outlet temperature: 32C module 2 EARL inlet temperature: 29C chassis connector rating: 1302.00 Watts (31.00 Amps @ 42V) chassis auxiliary connector rating: 2399.88 Watts (57.14 Amps @ 42V) module 1 module 1 connector rating: 1260.00 Watts (30.00 Amps @ 42V) module 1 power consumption: 315.00 Watts ( 7.50 Amps @ 42V) module 2 module 2 connector rating: 751.80 Watts (17.90 Amps @ 42V) module 2 power consumption: 457.80 Watts (10.90 Amps @ 42V) chassis per slot cooling capacity: 94 cfm ambient temperature: < 55C module 1 cooling requirement: 35 cfm module 2 cooling requirement: 84 cfm Router#show ver Cisco IOS Software, s72033_rp Software (s72033_rp-ADVENTERPRISEK9_WAN-M), Version 12.2(33)SXI13, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3) Technical Support: Copyright (c) 1986-2014 by Cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Tue 11-Mar-14 04:53 by prod_rel_team ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.2(17r)S4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Router uptime is 15 minutes Uptime for this control processor is 15 minutes Time since Router switched to active is 14 minutes System returned to ROM by power cycle at @j^X^PP^N$^DB^A (SP by unknown reload cause – suspect boot_data[BOOT_COUNT] 0x0, BOOT_COUNT 0, BOOTDATA 19) System image file is ‘disk0:s72033-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI13.bin’ Last reload reason: bus error at PC 0x415C5768, address 0x0 This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United States and local country laws governing import, export, transfer and use. Delivery of Cisco cryptographic products does not imply third-party authority to import, export, distribute or use encryption. Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for compliance with U.S. and local country laws. By using this product you agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations. If you are unable to comply with U.S. and local laws, return this product immediately. A summary of U.S. laws governing Cisco cryptographic products may be found at: cisco WS-C6503-E (R7000) processor (revision 1.1) with 458720K/65536K bytes of memory. Processor board ID FOX083907FQ SR71000 CPU at 600Mhz, Implementation 0x504, Rev 1.2, 512KB L2 Cache Last reset from s/w reset 1 Virtual Ethernet interface 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces 32 Ten Gigabit Ethernet interfaces 1917K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory. 8192K bytes of packet buffer memory. 65536K bytes of Flash internal SIMM (Sector size 512K). Configuration register is 0x2102

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Cisco WS-C6503-E Catalyst 6500 Enhanced 3-Slot 4RU CNMJ100BRA 75008075022

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