Cisco ST16 ASR5K-CHS-SYS-K9 Starent Chassis 520-04-0003 ASR5000


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Up for sale is a ST16 chassis bundle. This unit powered up, and operated fine until our techs swapped processor cards. We believe the unit to be in working condition, but the hardware is finicky. We’ll still warranty the equipment, but are unable to troubleshoot.

This auction includes the following:

ST16 (Chassis)

(6X) 520-06-1013 (Packet Accelerator)

(4X) 520-02-0006 (1 Port Ethernet Module)

(2X) 530-02-1045 (Switch Processor I/O Card)

(2X) 520-04-0003 (Switch Processor)

(2X) 251-00-0027 (DC Power Input)

(2X) 520-01-0027 (Redundancy Crossbar Module)

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

[local]st16# show ver Active Software: Image Version: 8.3 (27941) Image Description: Production_Build Image Date: Tue Sep 1 17:33:15 EDT 2009 Boot Image: /flash/production[1].27941.st16.bin [local]st16# show hardware Card 9: Card Type : Switch Processor Card Card Description : SPC Part Number : 530-04-0003 03 Serial Number : PLW39045945 CLEI Code : Unknown Switch Fabric Modes : control plane, switch fabric Card Programmables : CFE Flash is out of date Compact Flash : Present Type : 488M disk Model : SanDiskSDCFB-512 Serial Number : 115223E2704F1300 PCMCIA 1 : Not Present PCMCIA 2 : Not Present SPC CPLD : on-card 3.2 Inter-SPC CPLD : on-card 6.3 SPC FPGA : on-card 2.1, running 2.1 CPU 0 Type/Memory : BCM1250 B2 A, 700 MHz, 1024 MB CPU 0 CFE/Diags : on-card 1.0.4, running 129.1.10 Card 25: Card Type : Switch Processor I/O Card Card Description : SPIO Part Number : 530-01-0005 11 Serial Number : PLW39045903 CLEI Code : Unknown MAC Addresses : 2 starting at 00-05-47-02-13-E0 Card Programmables : up to date Slave SCB : on-card 0.4 FPGA : on-card 0.5 SFP Info : Unavailable (Card needs to be Active or Standby) [local]st16# show fans Retrieving fan information… Upper Fan Controller: State=Normal Speed= 70 % Temp=27 C Lower Fan Controller: State=Normal Speed= 70 % Temp=23 C [local]st16# show power Both power sources are good

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Cisco ST16 ASR5K-CHS-SYS-K9 Starent Chassis 520-04-0003 ASR5000

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