Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF Nexus 5000 Network Switch Chassis N5K-PAC-550W COMF300


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Product Information

Up for sale is a Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF. This unit is tested and in perfect working condition!

This auction includes the following:

1x N5K-PAC-550W

1x Power Cords

1x Console Cable

1x Rack Mounts (Sliders not included)


Warranty Terms:

This item comes with a 90 day warranty. If a piece of equipment is defective in any way that is not described, please message us and we will do our best to troubleshoot or replace the defective equipment. If we do not have a replacement piece in stock, we will refund the cost of the equipment.

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

switch# sho lic us Feature Ins Lic Status Expiry Date Comments Count ——————————————————————————– FCOE_NPV_PKG No – Unused – FM_SERVER_PKG No – Unused – ENTERPRISE_PKG Yes – Unused Never – FC_FEATURES_PKG Yes – Unused Never – VMFEX_FEATURE_PKG No – Unused – ENHANCED_LAYER2_PKG No – Unused – ——————————————————————————– switch# sho ver Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) Software TAC support: Documents: s_home.html Copyright (c) 2002-2014, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The copyrights to certain works contained herein are owned by other third parties and are used and distributed under license. Some parts of this software are covered under the GNU Public License. A copy of the license is available at Software BIOS: version 1.3.0 loader: version N/A kickstart: version 5.2(1)N1(8b) system: version 5.2(1)N1(8b) power-seq: Module 1: version v1.2 BIOS compile time: 09/08/09 kickstart image file is: bootflash:///n5000-uk9-kickstart.5.2.1.N1.8b.bin kickstart compile time: 10/30/2014 6:00:00 [10/30/2014 14:01:51] system image file is: bootflash:///n5000-uk9.5.2.1.N1.8b.bin system compile time: 10/30/2014 6:00:00 [10/30/2014 15:28:15] Hardware cisco Nexus5010 Chassis (“20x10GE/Supervisor”) Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU with 2065512 kB of memory. Processor Board ID JAF1343BHJB Device name: switch bootflash: 1003520 kB Kernel uptime is 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s), 20 second(s) Last reset Reason: Unknown System version: 5.2(1)N1(8b) Service: plugin Core Plugin, Ethernet Plugin switch# sho mod Mod Ports Module-Type Model Status — —– ——————————— ———————- ———— 1 20 20x10GE/Supervisor N5K-C5010P-BF-SUP active * 2 8 8×1/2/4G FC Module N5K-M1008 ok Mod Sw Hw World-Wide-Name(s) (WWN) — ————– —— ————————————————– 1 5.2(1)N1(8b) 1.2 — 2 5.2(1)N1(8b) 1.0 92:59:41:62:2f:6c:69:62 to 70:6c:61:74:66:6f:72:6d Mod MAC-Address(es) Serial-Num — ————————————– ———- 1 000d.ece6.21c8 to 000d.ece6.21ef JAF1343BHJB 2 000d.ece6.21f0 to 000d.ece6.21f7 JAF1417AMDF switch# dir 46 Mar 18 00:57:29 2011 ..tmp-kickstart 36 Mar 18 00:57:29 2011 ..tmp-system 25164288 Mar 18 00:57:29 2011 .tmp-kickstart 156932426 Mar 18 00:57:29 2011 .tmp-system 579 Dec 23 15:32:40 2010 MDS20101223074026630.lic 597 Jan 21 03:30:10 2011 MDS20110113080051086.lic 49152 Mar 18 02:04:28 2011 lost+found/ 12357 Oct 14 12:25:30 2016 mts.log 31646720 Jan 21 19:25:24 2013 n5000-uk9-kickstart.5.2.1.N1.3.bin 34395648 Mar 17 20:24:14 2015 n5000-uk9-kickstart.5.2.1.N1.8b.bin 173248174 Jan 21 20:26:17 2013 n5000-uk9.5.2.1.N1.3.bin 175952880 Mar 17 19:28:31 2015 n5000-uk9.5.2.1.N1.8b.bin 9899 Aug 24 16:00:51 2010 tftp 4096 Jan 01 00:02:45 2005 vdc_2/ 4096 Jan 01 00:02:45 2005 vdc_3/ 4096 Jan 01 00:02:45 2005 vdc_4/ Usage for bootflash:// 659755008 bytes used 223596544 bytes free 883351552 bytes total switch# sho inv NAME: “Chassis”, DESCR: “Nexus5010 Chassis” PID: N5K-C5010P-BF , VID: V03 , SN: SSI13370EVR NAME: “Module 1”, DESCR: “20x10GE/Supervisor” PID: N5K-C5010P-BF , VID: V03 , SN: JAF1343BHJB NAME: “Module 2”, DESCR: “8×1/2/4G FC Module” PID: N5K-M1008 , VID: V01 , SN: JAF1417AMDF NAME: “Fan 1”, DESCR: “Chassis fan module” PID: N5K-C5010-FAN , VID: N/A , SN: N/A NAME: “Fan 2”, DESCR: “Chassis fan module” PID: N5K-C5010-FAN , VID: N/A , SN: N/A NAME: “Power supply 1”, DESCR: “AC power supply” PID: N5K-PAC-550W , VID: V02 , SN: DTM134101FE NAME: “Power supply 2”, DESCR: “AC power supply” PID: N5K-PAC-550W , VID: V02 , SN: DTM134101FF switch# sho env Fan: —————————————————— Fan Model Hw Status —————————————————— Chassis-1 N5K-C5010-FAN — ok Chassis-2 N5K-C5010-FAN — ok PS-1 N5K-PAC-550W — ok PS-2 N5K-PAC-550W — ok Temperature —————————————————————– Module Sensor MajorThresh MinorThres CurTemp Status (Celsius) (Celsius) (Celsius) —————————————————————– 1 Outlet-1 60 50 37 ok 1 Outlet-2 60 50 37 ok 1 Intake-1 60 50 26 ok 1 Intake-2 60 50 26 ok 1 Intake-3 50 40 26 ok 1 Intake-4 50 40 26 ok 1 PS-1 60 50 26 ok 1 PS-2 60 50 26 ok 2 Outlet-1 60 50 31 ok Power Supply: Voltage: 12 Volts ———————————————————– PS Model Input Power Power Status Type (Watts) (Amp) ———————————————————– 1 N5K-PAC-550W AC 544.56 45.38 ok 2 N5K-PAC-550W AC 544.56 45.38 ok Mod Model Power Power Power Power Status Requested Requested Allocated Allocated (Watts) (Amp) (Watts) (Amp) — ———————- ——- ———- ——— ———- ——– — 1 N5K-C5010P-BF-SUP 349.20 29.10 349.20 29.10 powered- up 2 N5K-M1008 9.96 0.83 9.96 0.83 powered- up Power Usage Summary: ——————– Power Supply redundancy mode: Redundant Power Supply redundancy operational mode: Redundant Total Power Capacity 1089.12 W Power reserved for Supervisor(s) 349.20 W Power currently used by Modules 9.96 W ————- Total Power Available 729.96 W ————-

Shipping Terms:

If you are an international buyer, please send us a message with your phone number as soon as possible. We need this to put on the commercial invoice for customs.
We can ship internationally but please contact me for the shipping quote if you would like a different service other than USPS. We do prefer FedEx for ALL shipments.

We are not responsible for duties and taxes. Those are to be paid by the recipient.

We will not declare a value under what is paid for the equipment.

Local pick up is available and always free.

Other Information:

Please message us if you have any questions or if you require any information that is not described here. Payment is expected within 5 days of auction close. A power cord and console cable will always be sent with the equipment unless it does not require these.

Our entire inventory is never completely listed on our store. We have equipment coming in all the time. If you need anything that is not in our store, send us a message and we will check on the availability.

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Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF Nexus 5000 Network Switch Chassis N5K-PAC-550W COMF300

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