Cisco 7300-PWR-DC Cisco 7304 Power Supply CNP3BN0 34-1751-02


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Up for sale is a 7300-PWR-DC. This unit is tested and in perfect working condition!

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Router#show env all Power Supplies: Power supply 1 is DC power supply. Unit is on. Power supply 2 is empty. Fans: Fan 1 is on. Fan 2 is on. Temperature readings: Active RP (NSE150, slot 0): NSE-150 outlet measured at 26C/78F NSE-150 inlet measured at 22C/71F NSE-150 hotspot measured at 25C/77F NSE-150 DB hotspot measured at 28C/82F Voltage readings: Active RP (NSE150, slot 0): NSE CPU core (1.2V) measured at 1.206V NSE 3.3V measured at 3.305V NSE 2.5V measured at 2.504V NSE 1.8V measured at 1.801V NSE 1.2V measured at 1.201V NSE 5V measured at 5.096V NSE 12V measured at 11.806V NSE 1.25V measured at 1.247V NSE VTT(1.25V) measured at 1.252V NSE VDD(3.3V) measured at 3.369V NSE DB 1.8V measured at 1.806V NSE DB 3.3 V measured at 3.300V NSE DB 2.5 V measured at 2.500V Envm stats saved 1 time(s) since reloadRouter#show inv NAME: ‘Chassis’, DESCR: ‘7304 Chassis – 4 slots’ PID: CISCO7304 , VID: V01 , SN: SMQ1143NDKJNAME: ‘module 0’, DESCR: ‘Network Service Engine 150 CPU Card’ PID: 7300-NSE-150 , VID: V01 , SN: CAT1250D0J5NAME: ‘module 0/0’, DESCR: ‘Network Service Engine 150 Daughter Card’ PID: 7300-NSE-150 , VID: V01 , SN: CAT1251D04GNAME: ‘Cisco 7304 DC Power Supply 1’, DESCR: ‘Cisco 7304 DC Power Supply’ PID: 7300-PWR-DC , VID: , SN: DCA0743202MNAME: ‘CISCO 7304 Fan Module 2’, DESCR: ‘CISCO 7304 Fan Module’ PID: 7300-FANMODULE , VID: V02 , SN: DCA104730C7

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Cisco 7300-PWR-DC Cisco 7304 Power Supply CNP3BN0 34-1751-02

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