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  1. Inventory Receiving

    “We pride ourselves with a 24 hour turnaround time goal for processing all incoming orders. This allows us maximum exposure through all selling channels. We don’t sacrifice quality over speed as we have a 99.9% accuracy rate for inventory system entries.”

  2. Testing

    Our technicians are always on their toes with the wide range of equipment that comes through our lab and with order request for specific hardware upgrades. On average, they test 800-1300 items in a week. They also strive for 48 hour turnaround time once Receiving has finished their duties.

  3. Purchasing & Sales

    Dedicated Networks is always looking to buy your gear or supply for your current network needs. With a vast 25,000 square foot warehouse and over 50,000 items on hand; we strive to be your one stop shop. From the bulk pallet order to the one piece overnight we treat each order with the same attention and care it deserves. We believe in long term business relationships and going the extra mile.

  4. Order Picking

    Whether it’s a local courier order to the last second overnight order, our order pickers give every transaction the detail it deserves. Worried about appearance? We will throw a new paint job on it or swap that scratched handle. Our clients trust us to provide a solid product for their needs.

  5. Packing

    At the end of this streamlined process, we have our packers. Packers are responsible for securing and verifying the order you entrusted us with to arrive in the best packed box you’ve ever seen. With tape guns screeching off the charts, no wonder why we have 99% same day shipping success.

  6. Shipping

    Dedicated Networks takes pride in same day worldwide shipping. More than 99% of our orders are shipped out the same day. Most freight orders are shipped out within 1-2 days (depending on size). We have a suggested shipping cut off time of 4:30 PM CST. Shipment services include: Courier, DHL, USPS, FedEX, UPS, Freight. We also cater to all types of Blind/Drop shipping. Our number one priority is getting your package to you at the right place at the right time.

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